It’s not delivery, it’s…

fsforestschool/ December 10, 2018/ Community, Cooking, Fire Building, FSFNS Blog, Past Stories, Teamwork/ 0 comments

Everything, absolutely everything, tastes better cooked over a fire.  Period.  End of sentence. Over the past couple weeks we have put our groups’ culinary skills to work and created some delicious masterpieces. In the outdoor world, learning to cook over a flame is a key skill to know when venturing into the wilderness.  Moreover, it helps develop many important and highly transferable skills.   It’s a creative outlet that practices reading

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I love that smell, too…

fsforestschool/ December 2, 2018/ Campfire Notes, Fire Building/ 0 comments

“You smell like campfire” is something we often hear after a day at FNS.  And more often than not, it seems to be said in longing, nostalgic way.  Usually it’s followed by “I love that smell” and when we are really lucky, complete strangers will dive into fond memories of childhood or a specific moment – maybe a camping trip in Algonquin, a moonlit Yukon night,  or some other magical

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