Let It Snow

Hey Folks!

Ready for our song of the week?…

Oh the weather outside is delightful (not frightful) and the campfire is so delightful (too)… and since we’re an emergent, student-led program with no set place to go… let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.  (Did you sing it?!)

Snow!!! We love snow at Forest School and what a wonderful way to kick of the soon-to-be Winter Season… and we took full advantage of it all week long.   Snow is a natural Loose Part (and one of the best!) and it wasn’t long before students were hard at work building and creating.  Over the course of the week we had berms, ramps and jumps created with the help of straw bales in an ever-changing course for toboggans; entire snow families were made, including the tallest in FSFNS history; a quinzee village sprung up and even an igloo!

With the fresh snow over the course of multiple days, we also focused on our core routine of tracking and questioning this week.  We found so many cool tracks in snow – deer mice, foxes, dogs (especially Aden, Arys and Nuka), coyote, cat and rabbits.  Every track told us a story as imaginations came alive and the animals were brought to life.  We even caught a shrew when it’s subnivean tunnel was accidentally collapsed.  Oh, and we tracked people, too, in epic games of “Track and Seek”.

Throw in some good old fashion sledding, winter games of camouflage, extreme sardines and crows nest (behind the scenes: we use these activities to activate our quiet mind, and jump into animal forms), hot fires in the tent and campfires outside, hiking, sliding down fossil mountain and so, so, so much more… and we’re in a  true Winter Wonderland.

Side note: We worked on our float this week for the Santa Clause Parade – come see it today in Collingwood at 5 pm!

Have a great weekend!

The FNS Team


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