Soup du Jour, Spooky Potions and the Upside Down

Hey Folks!

We wanted to start the week off with a post dedicated to the youngest members of our community – the Chickadees!  These little ones are always keen for adventures and we love how easily they bring their imaginations to life.

We started the day with our loose parts and discovering some new additions to the site – an upgraded “mud kitchen” and our massive winter prospector tent.  Instantly the kitchen was put to good use with all sorts of nature soups being concocted from local plants we know.  The teachers got to sample mint and mud soup, sage and rock soup, and many more soup du jours.  Before long, the prospector tent was also transformed into a time machine where we visited Jurassic worlds, cave people and a future filled with crazy robots!

After some stories and our check-ins, it was off to exploring.  We followed the lead of fellow students and ended up wandering off-the-map to an uncharted land North of us, that is now known as the “Upside Down”.  Along the way, we uncovered and named new trails, splashed through mud puddles, followed coyote tracks, discovered mountains, and hid from the Gruffalos!

After lunch, our students tinkered with creating magical potions just in time for Halloween.  We had Unicorn Potions, Dragon Potions, Storm Potions, Crocodile Potions and many more all made from nature with the perfect pinch of “this” and a dab of “that”.  The students shared their knowledge with us and showed us all the recipes!

We finished our day with our closing circle and some Fair Trade Chocolate for Halloween!

Have a great week!

Your FNS team


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