Where the Wild things are… and Robins in the classroom.

Hey Folks!

What started out as a bit of a scary weather day, turned into an awesome day at Forest School!  As the temps became mild, and snow fell instead of freezing rain, our students spent all day playing, searching and building in the snow.  It started with a secret hideout, made of a tarp and snow wall (and a nearby hammock) and our adventure grew from there.

After reading the book “Where the Wild Things Are” and noticing some funny tracks in the village, we were off on a hunt to find where the “Wild Rumpus” had occurred the night before.  We followed the tracks and some clever clues, and meandered our way to not only find the location of the party, but the homes of all the friendly Wild Things!  And we noticed one thing in particular – one of them had a mailbox.  So we drew some pictures and sent a letter to the Wild Things in hopes of receiving one back next week.

After some quiet time in nature – quiet enough for a Robin to come right up close to us – a cool thing happened!  That very Robin flew into our classroom to say hello.  We watched and observed it, and got some up close looks at it.  We then started to think about what it may be thinking and how it may be feeling.  Students showed a lot of empathy, and when the Robin figured it’s way out the door, we all let out a big cheer!  And afterwards, we had her following us around on our hike and felt a kindred connection with this creature (now named Reindeer the Robin, not be confused with Robin the Reindeer – ask your kids).

Oh, and a side note, something that all students loved was using our digital temp reader.  We measured how warm our hands were, the heater, snow, even the Robin.  It’s a good investment if they’re on mega sale!

Have a great week!

Matt and Aislinn

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