Wands and Spoons, Paddles and Hedgehogs

Hey Folks!

We had a wet day at FNS, but it didn’t stop us from fully embracing it.   In fact, by shifting our focus and recognizing all the positive things that rain brings to our lives and everything around us, it helps us approach the day in a totally different way.  And when we are a bit wet and uncomfy, we try to remember just how much our newly sprouting plants really need this water.

While doing our best to stay dry, we were keen to continue playing-in and exploring the natural world.  After fun new games that put us in the roles of animals – ask your kids about Bird Attack and Wolf vs Deer – we got to our lesson of the day: Natural Crafts using carving knives.

Tool use is an important part of Forest and Nature School and after an in-depth tutorial and safety lesson, students were off to their sit spots to find the perfect piece of wood for their creations.  Our students demonstrated patience and determination in their craft, as it takes time to whittle masterpieces from wood.  We got to see the beginnings of many awesome projects unfold:  hammers, spoons, wands, a wooden knife, hedgehogs, spears, spatulas, paddles, mini canoes and more!  Check out the pictures below!

Next Week:
Our Friday group is going on a Field Trip for a local hike!

Have a great weekend!

Matt and Natasha

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