Turtles, Chickens and Giant Slingshots

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Hey Everyone, We welcomed the warm weather and (mostly) sunshine with open arms this week at FNS!  The birds were quite active, insects were out and about, turtles and frogs were sunning, flowers and grasses were growing – Spring is here.   Check out the recap below. Tuesday After some of our core routines, we dove into our full values contract.  If you are unfamiliar with this, essentially we brainstorm

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A Turtle Named Sandi

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Hey Folks! We had such a wonderful, warm and sunny day with our Chickadees!  Our day began with jumping into the roles of mice while trying to avoid the predator (eagle) that set the stage for our adventure later on.  After our core routines, we checked the mailbox and sure enough we had received a letter from the Wild Things in reply to ours last week.  They were so happy

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Spring on Vacation… and bird languages!

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Hey Folks, We focused our attention on our sit spots for the morning,  where students were asked to draw from memory a map of their special spot.  And then the fun part, as we wondered what these places might look like when we are not there, we channeled our inner sneaky creatures (cheetahs, tigers, chipmunks, snakes, anything!) and quietly made our way to our Sit Spots with a specific task

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Where the Wild things are… and Robins in the classroom.

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Hey Folks! What started out as a bit of a scary weather day, turned into an awesome day at Forest School!  As the temps became mild, and snow fell instead of freezing rain, our students spent all day playing, searching and building in the snow.  It started with a secret hideout, made of a tarp and snow wall (and a nearby hammock) and our adventure grew from there. After reading

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Wands and Spoons, Paddles and Hedgehogs

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Hey Folks! We had a wet day at FNS, but it didn’t stop us from fully embracing it.   In fact, by shifting our focus and recognizing all the positive things that rain brings to our lives and everything around us, it helps us approach the day in a totally different way.  And when we are a bit wet and uncomfy, we try to remember just how much our newly sprouting

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Raccoon Crossings, River Beds and 5km hikes!

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Hey Folks, This week our Tue-Thurs groups were off site on field trips.  Check out where they went and the highlights below! Tuesday Destination: WebWood Falls, Heathcote(ish) What a pleasant surprise when the Tuesday group arrived at the side of Old Mail Rd, unloaded from the car and immediately came across a massive waterfall!  Dreams of summer came to life in that moment, of natural showers and swimming in the

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Baby Whales and Bear Hunts

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Hey Folks, After some time building with our loose parts and having a bonfire, students’ imaginations came alive as all the snow on the ground became a lake.  They were trapped on an island (a-frame climbing gym), trying to escape the sharks (teachers), while jumping from bridge to bridge (stumps).  Our students soon wanted to go in the “water” jumping into the role of baby whales, with the shark as

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Catching Wind, Carving Spoons and Creating Shelter

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Hey Folks! Well did we ever get hit by Winter again this week!  We dawned our creative caps and here’s our recap below: TUesday After our core routines (smudge, check-ins and sit spots) we took a deep dive into the world of shelters on Tuesday in hopes of mastering this bush craft.  We learned about the fundamentals of three important natural shelters: Lean-to’s, Debris Shelters and Teepees.   After snack, we

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