Pirates, Dragonglass and Archeologists

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Hey Folks! Now, at Forest School, we learn to love all sorts of weather – rain, snow and even hail – but when we get a beautiful sunny day like we had with our Chickadees today, we just had to take advantage.  It didn’t take long during our initial free play for gloves to come off and coats to get thrown to the ground.  Students had a fun time hiding

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Pioneers, Fire Keepers and Engineers

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This week at Forest School was special in that our classes had planned in advance their “perfect” Forest School Day and we set out to achieve these goals.  Thus we had some very different looking days this week, and here’s a quick recap. Wednesday Our overarching theme of the day was camping out and so after some impromptu rafting on the huge puddles and a game of ga-ga ball, students

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Imaginations running wild and splashing through the day.

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With the wild and mild temperature, our Forest School turned into what seemed like one big giant puddle!  Students took full advantage of this and had a blast splashing in it, breaking ice, and getting stuck  in mud (you may have noticed their clothes…). After reading “The Giving Tree” and finding our woolly bear caterpillar emerged for the warm day, we ventured out on a huge hike to Maple Forest

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Skating, Maple Tree Tapping and so much more!

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We had another wonderful week at Forest School and quite the range in activities too! On Wednesday, students worked hard to clear off the ice rink and we enjoyed skating away the morning! We even had a lesson from a Snowy Owl, including some basic skating drills and tips on a variety of ways to stop. It was an awesome start to our day and had smiles all around!  The

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I speak for the trees!

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What a beautiful day we had with our Chickadees on Tuesday at FNS! After our ceremonial cleansing smudge and morning circle, we started our day with wonderful and imaginative play in the snow that led to us chasing one another, following tracks of all of our animal friends, and building forts, tunnels and fires. During our snack break, we read one of Dr. Seuss’ classic environmental stories, The Lorax. To

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Ice Fishing!

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Hi Folks! What a fun week we had learning about ice safety and ice fishing! We had the opportunity to explore the big pond at Bygone Days and were thankful that the ice was thick enough to allow us to try our hand at ice fishing! In fact, it was SO thick that we could technically drive on it, if we wanted to! Though we didn’t have much luck catching

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Swinging Bridges, Black Diamonds and Mysterious Forests

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Hey Folks! Well Winter is back! And hopefully here to stay.  This week at Forest School we were on a field trip for Wed and Thurs and spent the day exploring at Bygone Day’s on Friday. Wednesday and Thursday Off to Scenic Caves this week for some fun cross-country skiing and exploring the area.  We started off both days with learning basic skills: how to move, slow down, climb hills,

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