Mountain Climbers and Hibernators

Hey Folks,

Our Chickadees braved the cool temperatures and spent the day exploring and playing in the snow.  Our day started as most days do with unstructured time and free play.  Students were eager to explore our new tunnels, uncover what seemed like endless ice and play games, including our new favourite “Track and Seek” where we follow people’s tracks in the snow to find them.

After snack and a quick warm up with a roaring fire in our prospector tent, we headed west to Fossil Mountain.    We followed rabbit tracks and mice tunnels to get there and after arriving at our destination, Fossil Mountain proved quite slippery!  With a bunch of teamwork, a lot of stumbles and the help of the rope, we were able to get everyone to the top.  And it was well worth it for the slide down!

Afterwards we went to check on our snow caves and become “hibernating animals” (we just love the imaginations!).  We brought along our tube also, and took turns sliding down the hills!

After lunch, some stories and some creative work with our journals, we played a few more games together, jumped into different imaginary roles and had some good old fashioned cloud watching.  Then we called it a day!


Matt and Kim

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