Mountain Climbers and Hibernators

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Hey Folks, Our Chickadees braved the cool temperatures and spent the day exploring and playing in the snow.  Our day started as most days do with unstructured time and free play.  Students were eager to explore our new tunnels, uncover what seemed like endless ice and play games, including our new favourite “Track and Seek” where we follow people’s tracks in the snow to find them. After snack and a

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Sit Spots, Snowshoes, and Skis

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Hey Folks! This week we welcomed back the cooler temps (well at least until it warmed up again on Friday) and we took advantage of the little bit of “Winter” we had to explore. Wednesday and Thursday We focused this week on getting to know our property a little better and spent time exploring and returning to places we haven’t been to in awhile.  While hiking out and about, we

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Fairy Homes, Rock Pets and Caterpillar Obstacle Courses.

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Happy Tuesday! We had a great day with our Chickadee program today, and as the title suggests, we did a lot of building. Right away, we watched imaginations come to life as an old driftwood root became a house for Fairies.  Equipped with a door, chimney, balcony, hot tub and much more,  students couldn’t get enough of finding places for all sorts of cool additions until it inevitably became a

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Uncovering our Curriculum… literally.

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Hey Folks! As often happens at Forest School, we head into the day with a plan – and  sometimes it gets mostly ditched due to emerging interests and opportunities.  What a pleasant surprise this week when we discovered that the loss of all our snow from the wavering temperatures last week resulted in an epic ice rink! Our planned Science activities were put on the back burner, or at least

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Snow Trenches, Snow Caves and… rain?!

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Welcome Back to Forest and Nature School! We welcomed our FNS friends back at Bygone Days this week and dove right into some fun winter activities! After opening our day with a ceremonial smudge, our morning circle and some teambuilding icebreakers to get to know one another, students were keen to lean into learning about all things SNOW. One of our favourite stories this time of year is called “Over

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