Simple gift ideas for Outdoorsy Kids

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Over the last few days, we were reflecting on how busy (and costly!) this time of year can be.  We thought we’d share some of the cool things and tools (and practical stuff, too!) we use at Forest School on a semi-regular basis in case you need some last minute ideas for your kids.  And all for $20ish or less!

FireSteel 2.0 Scout Cocoshell

Magnesium and Steel 

At FNS, we build a lot of fires.  As we become more confident with fire making, we start to make them without matches.  And this tool here is a fun, fairly simple way to do that.  And the handle is even made of coconut shavings to be eco-friendly!

Companion Camping Knife with Sheath Blue
Carving Knife  

For our older students, we regularly use this Morakniv carving knife to carve hammers, spoons, arrows and even reindeer this week!  Students are taught all the safety protocols and create some truly awesome pieces of work.

Neck Warmer Lumberjack

Neck Warmers

Practical and invaluable – it may not be the hottest toy or their favourite gift, but they will love you for it! (Shameless plug – we even have some FNS ones!)

Tikkina Headlamp Blue


Get out and explore all the cool crevices in the area.  But not just for caving, these are great for any nighttime activity.  And for some reason we don’t quite understand, we’ve found our kids just love to wear ’em.

Wide-Mouth Loop-Top HDPE Water Bottle Green

Nalgene Water Bottle

Not only do they look cool, but they are durable! I backed over one in my car and it still works… no joke.  And hydration is important, too!

Related image

Geocaching App

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, our students love going on adventures and treasure hunts.  It’s no wonder Geocaching is a huge hit.  And it can be FREE with the app (and data!).  Or you can borrow a GPS from the library in Collingwood.  And if you’d like to get one, we recommend something like this  though it’ll run you more that $20.

eTrex 20x GPS Terra

Image result for animals of ontario guidebook lonepine

Plant or Animal Guidebooks

Some students like these more than others – but those who do, LOVE them.

Image result
Homemade Stuff!

Buying stuff is expensive and can be overwhelming.  Putting some love into your gifts is so rewarding and Pinterest has so many cool ideas for gifts!  Try something homemade – knit a scarf, bake some cookies, carve a spoon, make some jam – you name it!

Image result for bingo outdoor activities
Even better – Time Spent Together. 

We live in  a BEAUTIFUL place with seemingly endless opportunities.  Check out all the local wild spaces or try a new activity.  We’ve found developing a Bingo Card with your favourite activities  and projects – go for hike, build a snow fort, etc – you can do as a family can be the best gift of all.

Happy Holidays Everyone! And be sure to play outside over the break!

Your FNS Crew


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