‘Tis the season … for snow and good-byes!

Tamara Fournier/ December 27, 2017/ Thornbury/ 0 comments

Hello folks one last time! The last two days of forest school have come and our 2017 fall semester is now over. With mixed feelings we looked back on our past months and said goodbye to new friends, adventures, exploration, discoveries and new (nature) knowledge! But no reason to be sad … Forest School will continue in the Winter in Collingwood and will return to Thornbury in the spring! And

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Winter Solstice, an Epic Hunt and Giant Tubes

fsforestschool/ December 23, 2017/ Animal Tracking, FSFNS Blog, Past Stories, Snow, Teamwork, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

Hey Everyone, We had a wonderful last week of FNS and enjoyed adventuring around our nature playground in the freshly fallen snow. Of course, what better way to say good bye to some of our favourite places than by spending some quality time in them! Throughout the week, students enjoyed visiting various places, like Riverside Campsite, Ducky’s Campsite, Mysterious Forest, or circumnavigating the pond. It has been quite powerful to

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Simple gift ideas for Outdoorsy Kids

fsforestschool/ December 20, 2017/ Campfire Notes/ 0 comments

Hey Folks, Over the last few days, we were reflecting on how busy (and costly!) this time of year can be.  We thought we’d share some of the cool things and tools (and practical stuff, too!) we use at Forest School on a semi-regular basis in case you need some last minute ideas for your kids.  And all for $20ish or less! Magnesium and Steel  At FNS, we build a

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Snow Cities and Snowshoes

fsforestschool/ December 16, 2017/ FSFNS Blog, Past Stories, Shelter, Snow, Teamwork, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

Hi again folks! What a wonderful snowy bluebird week!! We are so thankful for all of the snow and had a blast building and creating our new snow village! All week students spent time building quinzees and mini igloos, connecting tunnels, fashioning snow seats and creating wind walls around our outdoor fire pit. It feels like a special snow community, especially knowing all of the hands and hard work that

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Shelter building & nature photography

Tamara Fournier/ December 11, 2017/ Thornbury/ 0 comments

Hello once again! Our Forest School fall semester is slowly coming to an end, sadly. But we will be back next year for sure. And maybe your children will be too! On these last chilly Forest School days we have been wandering, hiking and exploring to keep ourselves warm. Last week’s theme was: nature photography. For this the students decided they wanted to visit the Clendennan Damn once more. We

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Squirrel dance parties and an epic coyote hunt.

fsforestschool/ December 10, 2017/ Animal Tracking, Animals, Birds, FSFNS Blog, Geocache, Hiking, Past Stories/ 0 comments

Hi Folks! Thanks for checking into the blog this week. We spent time learning about animal tracks and were fully prepared to discover all of the new (and old) prints on our beautiful property. To understand tracks better, students focused on learning various parts of a print, how/what to measure to correctly identify it using a field guide and how to use the print information to tell us about what’s

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Survival Olympics (or Mary had a little lamb…)

fsforestschool/ December 3, 2017/ Art, Fire Building, FSFNS Blog, Olympics, Orienteering, Past Stories, Physical Literacy, Shelter, Survival, Teamwork/ 0 comments

Hey Folks, We had some fun this week putting some of our survival skills to the test in a collaborative, cooperative and competitive style Olympics we nicknamed the “Forest School Timber Tour”.   Our days varied greatly Tues-Thurs with different events geared toward developing and testing various skills – each day uniquely designed with the specific class dynamics in mind.  Some events were even created by our students en route.  We

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Fish rescue & ancient discovery

Tamara Fournier/ December 1, 2017/ Thornbury/ 0 comments

Good day! Christmas is approaching and the weather is adjusting, at least it’s trying. A big mix of cold and warm weather. But there’s no such thing as the wrong weather! We here at Forest School are always prepared for an adventure and dressed accordingly! Lately we have been starting our morning with fires (to keep us warm) and are expanding our fire-keeping knowledge as the children love to help

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