A new Perspective on Nature

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Hey Folks, We loved exploring the fall colours with our cameras this week! Students had the opportunity to learn a few photography tricks: Get Close, Point of View, Leading Lines, Rule of Thirds and Natural Framing (and looked at “Fill the Space”, “Limb Chopping”, and “Negative Space” for those interested in more techniques on Friday!) After our morning routines, we practiced some of these techniques through various missions and scavenger

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Today we were chefs

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What a typical breezy fall day here at forest school! There was a little bit of everything: rain, clouds, sunshine, wind … and some fresh fall temperatures! We were well prepared for an other Wednesday in Heathcote with our warm sweaters and rain jackets. And to help keep us warm we wanted to start our day with a fire.  We have been practicing our fire making, fire keeping and fire

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Fire in the Hole!

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Hey Folks, This week at Forest School we channeled our inner Katniss Everdeen and learned all about Archery.  It was a huge hit with our students.  It certainly left its mark on us.  We definitely hit the target  with this activity…. enough silly puns – it was a great day and we hope to do it again in the future! After learning about the components of a bow and arrow,

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Aim, steady, shoot!

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Hello once again! What wonderful fall weather we had this week! This gave us so much time to play and explore outside. This week’s theme was “archery” and oh boy (girl?!) did we have fun! Before making our own bows and arrows we learned some different parts of a real bow and arrow and discussed where and why bows and arrows are used. We came to the conclusion that nowadays

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Trees in Jars and Natural Hammers

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Hey Everyone, This week at Forest School our main goal was to learn a little bit more about plants.  After our morning core routines we jumped into the role of plants in a macro-model to learn about cycles and needs of a plant.  We then became explorers tasked with the mission of the uncovering a new plant, naming it and then learning all about it.   After making a journal (T-Th),

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Disc Golf and Salamanders

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Hey Everyone, Field Trip! And what a fun one we had. Have you ever played golf? Or thrown a Frisbee?  Well, we combined the two target games for a day of Disc Golf at Duntroon Highlands Nordic Centre.   They have a newly developed disc golf course on their fabulous 100 acre site.  For more information and your chance to play on your own, check out the Disc Course Association here.

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R is for beaveR RiveR!

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Hey folks! Today we explored the Beaver River! We were lucky to have such nice warm weather in this early month of October. After our morning ritual of check-ins and smudging, we began making a minnow-trap together. We used a big pop bottle, took the lid off, cut off the top part, then turned it into the bottle and made holes into the side of the top of the bottle

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Stone Soup and Bike Smoothies

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Hey Everyone, With the temperatures finally starting to settle down (well, except for Tuesday) it’s really starting to finally feel like Fall.  We celebrated this week with our annual Fall Harvest, with a big focus on local food. After spending time in our sit spots, we set out to explore our site early in the morning to harvest some sweet snacks from all over the land.  We are lucky enough

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