Tamara Fournier

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Tamara grew up trilingual on 2 continents: Her childhood in Canada and her youth and young adulthood in Germany. She graduated from LVR-Berufs college in Germany as a “Staatlich anerkannte Erzeiherin” (State approved nursery school teacher). Missing Canada and its wild landscapes, she decided to move back and began working with Free Spirit Tours. Her involvement there included working as a kid’s camp counselor and forest school substitute teacher.

Her curiosity and drive to connect people with nature didn’t stop there: she was introduced to the practice of Forest Therapy (also known as ‘Shinrin Yoku’ or  ‘forest bathing’) and decided to pursue training through the ANFT (Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs). Now she is a certified Forest Therapy guide inviting people to experience the benefits of time spent in nature along the Niagara Escarpement.

In her spare time, Tamara loves to rock climb! You might see her hanging on a local cliff or working at Collingwood’s rock climbing gym: Climber’s Corner. Paddling, hiking and camping are also some of her favourite outdoor activities. Sometimes, even her cat tags along!

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