Potatoes and Hiking make a great combo!

Hi Friends,

Izzy being zen

We had another super busy day at Forest School and though our blog will be short it is full of sweetness! Mother Nature sure gave us a lot of rain this past weekend, so much that our property was over run by water! It was amazing to see what the water moved and brought into the property, water sure is powerful. This week at Forest School we planned on working on some existing and new projects, but instead we decided to venture out in to 3 stage which hosts hiking and biking trails.

This morning we worked on our green thumb and planted our first of 4 potato towers. Getting into pairs our students were eager to get their hands dirty to dig holes, plant potato seeds and hang out in the compost. Each tower has 4 potatoes and we are super excited to see there growth each week. We can’t wait for french fries!



We were also super lucky with the amazing weather today, and it makes everyone so excited for summer. This weeks hike took us to a brand new location for Forest School – 3 stage –  located just outside of Gibraltar. Hiking deep into the woods gave our students the opportunity to remove any pent up energy, while finding new discoveries along the way. Everyone came across many familiar plants and noises, and while moving rocks to discover life underneath, we found our first salamander! Some of us hugged trees, became zen with yoga poses and played hide and seek. This was an amazing hike, and we hope that our students take their friends and families to explore this part of the Bruce Trail.

After we checked in on our 2 bird nests (with baby birds chirping away), there were lots of stickers earned and given out. Today we had our first Bingo bead, as well as 1 peer support, 4 litter less lunches, 1 story telling bead, 2 curiosity beads and 1 Al bead.

Next week – We will be buzzing around the topic of Bees.

Until next week,



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