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Hey Everyone! We had a good week celebrating and exploring the wonderful lives of bees with all the students.  After our core routines (and some lessons on Poison Ivy ID – that time of year…) we jumped into discussion on bees.  There was a lot of prior bee knowledge from our students.  We looked at needs, benefits and risks as a class.  The students really had a solid understanding of

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“Water” you waiting for?

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Hi Everyone, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” – Chinese proverb We enjoyed another awesome day at Forest School, and with the highly anticipated fishing day, our students were all super excited to get their day started! Throughout our morning we taught each other about frogs, turtles, fish and fun/interesting facts about water.

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Go(by!) fish!

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Wow. There sure have been some incredible changes around the land at Bygone Days. Students have really taken to ensuring that all of our nature-tasks, like filling bird feeders and watering plants, are looked after upon arrival. This noteworthy interest and initiative certainly compliments their ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and helps build that awesome connection with the land! And lately, they are keen to jump into all of the

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Bee-ware of the Bee’s

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Hi Friends, We had an amazing dose of vitamin D while enjoying the summer weather today, and all the heat and humidity didn’t slow our kids down one bit! This week we touched on the topic of bee’s, while still enjoying our regular routines. We started our day with a student led game “Bee-ing Human” similar to tag, but this got us working up such sweat that we had to

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Hikes for days..

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Hi everyone! While Matt and Kim are away, Forest School gets off property to play! Through out our week all of our students embarked on two brand new trails located on the Bruce Trail called the Pretty River Trail and Loree Forest. We also welcomed with open arms our substitute teachers Carly and Noa. We had amazing weather, which gave our students positive vibes and lots of energy each day.

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Potatoes and Hiking make a great combo!

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Hi Friends, We had another super busy day at Forest School and though our blog will be short it is full of sweetness! Mother Nature sure gave us a lot of rain this past weekend, so much that our property was over run by water! It was amazing to see what the water moved and brought into the property, water sure is powerful. This week at Forest School we planned

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If we build it… they will have fun.

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Hey Everyone, Some of our favourite days here at Forest School are our “Project Days”.  In the past, we’ve built gardens, free libraries, kites, hammocks and much more.  We often come into these days with a few ideas about projects we can work on – and as usual are blown away with where the students take it and the ideas they bring to the table.  The Snowy Owl students were

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What bird is best?

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Hi Friends, This week at Forest School was dedicated to continuing our education about our feathred little friends, Birds! With our in-class lessons and hands on games, we packed our day full of physical activity. This morning we put our students to the test, and worked together to start a fire without a match! Thanks Aaron for  sharing your flint and steel,  and great job to Jack for starting it,

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