10,000 steps and more!

Hi Friends!

Today our kids were all prepared for rain clouds, and maybe even some thunder and lightning, but the Thunderbird (mythical bird who controls the weather) must have been sleeping because we got the complete opposite! Sun, light, wind and maybe a couple rain drops..Feww! So we headed off property and explored more of the Bruce Trail, along with a new hiking path that connects to Loree Forest.

But before we marched into a new landscape, we got a fun introduction into planting! The top picks were Kale, Spinach, Lavender, Peas and Morning Glory flowers. We also had fun exploring our compost area (for soil), and who knew so much life was happening in the dirt! We found so many decomposers (snails, worms, millipedes and spiders). We will update on how our first attempt on our plants are growing!

We have to give credit to all our students for hiking ALL day through the overcast, sun and the heat. Everyone kept such a positive attitude, and supported each other along the way. We couldn’t have been more proud! With our kids exploring a new area these are just a  few  of the topics that brought discussion.

  • Hundreds of Trout Lily leaves (too early for the flower)
  • Escaping sap on a tree (great for fires)
  • Wild leeks (taste and smell so good)
  • Wild mushrooms (did not eat)
  • Hiking sticks
  • Fungi and Moss
  • Different types of rocks
  • Mud puddles (yup we got dirty)
  • Deciphering trees among many more!

There were many earned beads and stickers today, as well with some students getting pretty close to getting a Bingo Bead! We also caught up on some missed beads from last week. 10 Respect stickers, 2 Peer Support Beads, 1  Bravery Bead, 4 Show and Tell Beads, 2 Litter Less Lunch Beads and 1 very special Al Bead – for kindness, love and support.

Next Week – We are going to look at the relationship between plants and animals! Ecosystems here we come!

Side note – We actually hit 10,000 steps or more today! Our little legs worked hard.

Check out our great day.

Until Next Week














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