What do Turkey Nests, Sun Fires, Snapping Turtles and Leeks have in common?…

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…Forest School!! Hey Everyone, This week the classes learned all about Ecosystems.  After our core routines, we started off by coming up with a working definition of what Ecosystems are and how they connect all over the world.  It was awesome to lean on the prior-knowledge of our students – we’ve got a clever bunch! After our lessons, we threw on our scientist hat and headed for the field to

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Take chances, make mistakes, get messy

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Hi Everyone! This week at Forest School we looked at our Eco System, and tied in some fun games along the way! It also brought opportunities for new discoveries, and an activity we haven’t done since last September, frog hunting! After our morning routines, our day started with an intense football game to get our blood pumping. We also challenged our kids with food-chain games along with an Eco System

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Jays vs Juncos

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Hey Everyone, Wow! What a fun-filled week at Forest School. Our focus was on birds this week and we had just the right mix of rainy days and sunshine to see them keeping busy and singing songs… though Thursday students might not agree with the sunshine part! Our bird feeders from last week welcomed new feathered friends and signs of spring were all around us. We had a wide range

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10,000 steps and more!

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Hi Friends! Today our kids were all prepared for rain clouds, and maybe even some thunder and lightning, but the Thunderbird (mythical bird who controls the weather) must have been sleeping because we got the complete opposite! Sun, light, wind and maybe a couple rain drops..Feww! So we headed off property and explored more of the Bruce Trail, along with a new hiking path that connects to Loree Forest. But

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Wild about Animals

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Hey Everyone, We had a fun week at Forest School exploring the wonderful and intricate world of Animals.  And we were SURROUNDED by them this week.  A hare one morning, a groundhog, lots of squirrels, our resident chipmunk and even a bat that literally hung out on the school house all day. Oh and of course we were inundated with birds!  We saw dozens of different types and listened attentively

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What is your favourite animal?

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Hello families! This week Forest School brought us another day packed full of learning, exploration and discovery. When our students arrived this morning, we were shocked to discover the difference in the landscape on our property from last week. It was amazing to see how high the Beaver River rose, but with the river taking away some of hiking paths, it gave us an opportunity to explore new areas. Our

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Fire Keepers and Rainfall Warnings

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Hey Folks, Firstly, a BIG welcome to our new students and their families this semester – Forest School is booming and we are so happy to have a growing community.  Also, a BIG welcome back to our students from the Fall, and of course our courageous Winter semester crew!  We’re in for a good season this Spring. We started off our days learning how to set up tents (which were

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Welcome back!

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Hi Folks! Fresh spring air, and a brand new semester welcomed back all of our fellow Forest School students today, as well as a few new faces! This week at school we dove right back into our regular routines (smudge, check ins) and were all super excited with reconnecting with everyone. Our morning was all about exploring our grounds, and discovering passions, and curiosity within us. There was also an

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