Good-bye Winter, Hello Spring

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Hey Friends! This week at Forest School we spent our last day of Winter semester building shelters for our community, student led games and reflecting on our time spent with each other. A little fun was also spent around the fire-creating banana boats. Another epic day! Our morning was spent discovering animals and natural objects around our fishpond, which naturally led into building chipmunk’s and fairy shelters. We then shifted

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Celebrate Good Times

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Hey Everyone! We celebrated the end of our semester with a little “spring cleaning” this week and spent some time outfitting our sit spots, exploring  the “concrete factory” and updating the amenities at our camp sites. Naturally, students incorporated some slack lining and tree climbing too! Over both days, it was awesome to watch creativity bloom.  Tuesday we visited an area of our property known as the concrete factory –

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Exploring the Bruce Trail

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Hey Folks! This week at Forest School we wanted to take our kids off the property and explore some of the Bruce Trail that is located right in our own “backyard”. Words could not express how much fun we had today exploring a new part of the Bruce Trail, some of our hiking goals were to discover “Standing Rock” and find the newly renovated “Frank’s Lime Kiln”. Let the adventure

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Ice Slides and Cave Dwellers (and sunny, sunny days!)

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Hey Everyone, This week on Tuesday we celebrated International Forest Day and Wednesday we celebrated International Water Day.  I guess the world kicks environmental protection into high gear come Spring!  And what better way to celebrate than check out some of our local protected areas! We headed out to explore some new wonders in our “backyard” at the Nottawasaga Lookout with physical literacy on our mind.  Our goal was to

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Archeologists and Town Planners… (or imaginations running wild!)

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Hey Everyone, In the spirit of March Break we decided to skip out on school this week and head off to Wasaga Beach to discover new parts of our community.  We started our adventure at the Nordic Centre in hopes of exploring some new trail systems and after a quick tree ID tag game we were off! While on the hike, Tuesday’s group made an unanticipated discovery – a HUGE

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Welcome March Break

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Hey Folks! We had an amazing day at Forest School this week, and with it being March Break we wanted to take advantage of inside and outside activities, even if it was -18 with wind chill! We touched back to a topic we focused on last week, which was all about our community, and headed back to the Collingwood public library, for some fun and games. Our focused activity was

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A walk through our community

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Hi Folks! Collingwood is a community that offers activities for every season and for all ages, and at Forest School we tend to stay in the woods and discover nature and explore the unknown, but for this week we wanted to take our day outside of our classroom and discover what is available in our community! We started out the day by discussing what makes a community (teamwork, caring), how

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Reflections of Our Community

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Hey Everyone, This week at Forest School we took a look at Community Building.  We started off with some team-building games then brainstormed all sorts of ideas about what is community and what makes a community.  There were a lot of interesting insights, from thoughts about our Forest School community, to our Collingwood (and beyond) community and even a discussion around our global community.  The students starting rhyming off cool

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Here sappy, sappy..

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Hi Friends, Mother nature is playing games with us, she’s not sure if she want to leave like a lamb or go out like a lion, but that didn’t stop us from exploring the wonderful world of Maple syrup. This morning was the start of whittling, and our students were super excited about the idea of using knives, and creating something from nothing. But with learning a potentially dangerous skill,

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Pancake Tuesday (and Wednesday!)

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Hey Friends, With the temperatures rising, and the snow disappearing, our Winter semester is slowly melting away.  The good news?  Maple sap is-a-flowin’. We started our day off with a Macro Model we created called Sappy, Sappy. In this activity, students slid into the roles of sap collection in an epic sap flow vs spiles and buckets challenge. It’s an educational take on a classic game (Octopus) that students would

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