Our big builders, in little bodies

Hi Friends!

The rain didn’t have us singing the blues today!  Our busy little beavers were focused on tools, projects and problem solving.  We were lucky to have one last week with warmer temperatures which gave us a lot of flexibility in our active play.

It’s been really incredible watching the growth and development in each child with their motor skills, confidence and teamwork…way to go everyone!

There was a ton of enthusiasm, laughter and fun this week! Here’s a “behind the scenes” look at all of our highlights and  accomplishments of the day!


We started the day off by using our muscles and jumped into tearing down our shelters we made last week then built new ones.  Last week fire was a big hit so our students wanted to take some time and work together and start a group fire.  We learned very quickly that starting a fire is not as easy as it sounds. After all their hard work our fire was started and stayed hot until lunch time.


A big thanks to Emily for bringing in her rock/crystal collection.  All the kids got to take a look at “golden tigers eye”, ” black lava stone”, “agate stone”, “rose quartz” and “fools gold”.

img_1255    img_1757

Everyone showed off their hammering skills with real hammers and nails!  Every child went home with all ten fingers intact!

img_1276      img_1282

Later in the afternoon our students spent some time creating  music with our homemade kazoos.  Also, we apologize for the crazy weather today, we were on a roll with our creativity and made our very own rainmakers!


Our sit spots are a time where our students can reflect on their day and today was no exception. Our question of the day was – “Give 5 examples of how we treat people and how you want to be treated.”  Some of the amazing answers were  – “be kind, be respectful, help each other, love, like, hold someones hand, give people flowers when they are not happy, tell jokes and make someone smile.” Needless to say we have some seriously amazing little humans on our hands! Way to go parents for raising these sweet, genuine children that we get the pleasure of spending time with once a week.

img_1771    img_1283

We always save the best for last!!  The main focus today was designing and building their very own bird houses! It was amazing to see how different all of our designs were.


Alice yelled from the Garden ” I heard a Wolf call!!” That’s all it took for our kids to run down to the Beaver River howling for coyotes with the hope of finding a wolf!  Good news is no other animals called back!

To no surprise, there were lots of “Honesty” and “Respect” stickers earned today as well as:

1. Storytelling bead. Congratulations to everyone, you all worked so hard for them.

Next Week: We will be joining Collingwood Forest School for a BIG hike up to Loree Forest! Make sure to have an energizing breakfast to keep you fired up, and ready to explore!

Thanks for checking in this week!


Bonus Picture Below


Taven found a Banana Slug in our Bug hotel today!



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