You are as wonderful as a snowflake

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Our Fall 2016 Video! Hey Everyone! On our last day of Forest School this year, the students’ skills were put to the test with an Amazing Race.  Just like in the show, the classes had to work their way through Team Challenges, Road Blocks (completed by one person) and Detours (choice between 2 activities) while earning materials (tinder, kindling, a pot, etc) along the way for their final challenge of

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Here for a good time, not a long time..

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Hi Friends! Our first semester of Forest School ended just the way it started, AMAZING. Our jam packed day consisted of our students using the skills, and knowledge they have obtained here at Forest School. “The Amazing Winter Race” started with us using a map to navigate ourselves to 7 different checkpoints, which consisted of various team-building activities, a crazy spider web, snow lava rock wall, and more mapping with

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All about that food!

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Hi Friends! With winter finally here we decided to stay close to home and focus our day on fire, shelter and cooking! The windy weather did not slow our students down..I think it gave them more energy! It was also great to see the kids imagination play unfold with each other, from turning the sleds into a train (stops and pick up included) to being reindeer, and gathering food. This

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There’s snowhere I’d rather be

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Hey Folks, We’ll do a breakdown by day this week, as the days seemed to unfold with some variance this week! Tuesday After our usual ceremonial start to the day, students were tasked with the challenge of setting up a tarp structure nearby – large enough to fit everyone in it and sturdy enough to weather the storm (ie. Matt with a bucket of snow).  They’ve been learning about natural

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Follow Me!

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Hey Everyone, Though tough for drivers, the snowstorm over the weekend was sure welcomed by us!  It gave the perfect amount of time for local animals to run around and have their prints frozen in place for us to discover.  As the temperatures warmed up, we were able to also see lots of tracks captured in the mud. Tracking animals was our goal this week – and we were after

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Footprints come in all shapes and sizes

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Hi Friends! This week we headed out to Loree Forest with our Collingwood Forest school crew. This popular hiking spot connects onto the Bruce Trail, which is 840km long! Our goal was to hunt down some great animal tracks, and decipher what we found. Loree forest is tucked away within the beautiful Niagara Escarpment, which is protected by UNESCO (The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization).  We are lucky

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Spoons and Mittens and Tire walls? Oh my.

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Hey Folks! What better way to start our “Projects Day” than with a visit to one of Collingwood’s coolest projects – The Earthship.  Aptly named because, like a spaceship or sailing ship, the Earthship gets everything it needs from the Earth and will be completely sustainable! This inspirational project taught us many things: The potential of using recycled materials to build (ie. tires and bottles for walls) Concepts around geothermal

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Our big builders, in little bodies

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Hi Friends! The rain didn’t have us singing the blues today!  Our busy little beavers were focused on tools, projects and problem solving.  We were lucky to have one last week with warmer temperatures which gave us a lot of flexibility in our active play. It’s been really incredible watching the growth and development in each child with their motor skills, confidence and teamwork…way to go everyone! There was a

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