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“Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to great places! You’re off and away! You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose” – Dr. Suess

Our focus this week was mapping!  Giving our students the ability to read and understand a map gives them opportunities for growth, confidence, amazing memories and fun! We kept our adventures close to the Thornbury area visiting the Craigleith Heritage Depot and an awesome hiking trail in Clarksburg.

Check out our day!


This morning we started the day off with show and tell. We had a range of special items from homemade natural art, home made medallion drawings, finger puppets, rocks and a Pokémon ball. There was no Pokémon in this ball.


Before we headed out on our adventure, we took time to discuss how to read a map. We looked at titles, legends, symbols, roads, trails, names and so much more.


Our first stop was the Craigleith Heritage Depot.   Some of our students went right to the library to read “Charlottes Web” and “A funny thing happened on the way to school”. Some ventured to the museum and learned about Trilobites, the First Nations Petun tribe and the Train station.  While others took some time to search for images of Wolves. If you have never been to this location before please take advantage of the incredible learning opportunities here.   You won’t regret it! A big shout out to the Craigleith Depot for being such a great host!


On our second stop we found this amazing shelter! We took some time to play a game called “hunter and wolf”but by the end of the game it turned into “Cops and Robbers”.   While we were exploring this new hiking trail we came across a rock mountain.  We took time to search for fossils and found more great hiking sticks!


In the afternoon we started with a challenging scavenger hunt. Our students were given a map with check points to visit. At every check point there was a question about Forest school that they had to answer.   Along with every question they gathered materials for their own personal fire. It was great to see teamwork arise and our older students even helped out our younger ones with sounding out words and making sure they all got the right answers! Great work guys and gals!


We finished our day with a riddle which led our students to a treasure!  Make sure you asked your child how much treasure they found and what they got to keep!

Our riddle was:

“Into a fort you go where the treasure is aflow. Better hurry up and run because the treasure is a ton.”

We gave away 2 craft beads today and everyone is getting very close to getting a prize for their respect stickers.  Great job everyone!

Next Week: Survival Week! We will focus on shelter, drinking, food, fire…it’s going be a busy day next week!

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