“1000 years? That’s as old as my grandma!”

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Hey Folks, We won’t expose the student who gave us the quote for the title of this blog, but he (or she) was referring to some of the ancient white cedars out at Metcalfe Rock.  Specifically the “Braided Root Tree” which grew out of the cliff, then had its roots devour an old fallen tree to make a unique braided root from the cliff to the ground – ask your

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You Rock!

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Hey Friends, Forest School is all about self-discovery, jumping out of our comfort zones and challenge by choice.  Today we brought all these elements together and discovered our personal strengths. We joined our Collingwood Forest School and explored the beautiful area of Metcalfe Rock located in the Kolapore Uplands.  This is an area that is tucked away along the Niagara Escarpment. Caving was our activity of the day and our

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Build me a fire and I will make you a s’more!

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What another beautiful day we had this week at Forest School!  This week our focus was all about fire.   And what a fire packed day we had! Some of our activities included visiting the Town of Blue Mountains Fire Station and discussing fire basics.  Then with high anticipation our students had the chance to BUILD and LIGHT their own fires.  Yes!   You read that right.  It was a

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In case of Fire…

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Hey Folks! What an interesting and incredible sight to arrive to on Tuesday at Forest School.  Seems the storm left a bit of damage on our area with willows, aspens and more knocked over across the property.  Luckily, they fell in good places and no one was hurt, or major damage done. The students had a blast with the debris though! We jumped in to help clean up the mess

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From little seeds grow mighty trees

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Hello again! This week our focus was on trees. Some of the different types that we discovered were Red Oak, Paper Birch, Sugar Maple and White Ash. This naturally led to a discussion as to what trees offer us and to our environment. The kids discovered that providing oxygen, syrup, paper, firewood and helping wildlife were just some of the amazing things they do. We then used the buddy system

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“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot…

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“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot… …nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.” Some wise words from Dr. Seuss which led to a lengthy discussion this week, after a reading and a dramatic interpretation of “The Lorax”.   It was the perfect story to build our day around: Trees, trees and more trees.   And what better way to start than a look how trees work, followed by

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Getting dirty with bugs!

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Hello Folks! Today we welcomed a new student named Izzy to our Forest School by introducing the smudging ceremony experience with her while explaining the meaning of it. A Creepy Crawly bug day was the name of the game this week! Throughout the day the kids observed and held:  spiders, centipedes, worms, banana slugs, frogs, fish, hornets, pink mushrooms, and much more! Our students were excited this morning and hiked

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Insect puns bug me.

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Hey Folks, We started off our day today with a group game called Kubb (pronounced: Coob).  Essentially it’s viking chess – a great target game.  Unfortunately it’s way to complicated to explain the rules – so here’s a link to what it is.   After our intense game, we did our smudge, morning circle and sit spots.  Then it was time to enter the wonderful world of bugs! After learning about

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I can’t think of any boat puns. Canoe?

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Hi Folks, This week Kim and I were away for the Wednesday group as we were on paddling trips with our other school (hence why this post is late), so this post will focus on what happened on Tuesday.  Luckily, our Wednesday group was paired up with our Thornbury School and a blog post about their day can be found here.  A big thanks to Jen and Neal for stepping

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