7 Grandfather Teachings

Hello again!

Thanks for checking in this week!  With Summer put to bed and Fall around the corner our students focused on our First Nations 7 Grandfather Teachings, the Medicine Wheel and spent time in nature discovering their artistic side.

As always the students started the day off with free play/discovery and a First Nation Smudging Ceremony.  One student wanted to pass around the smoking sage to all his fellow students which he did while all the other students respected the ceremony and were quiet and respectful.

Our students thought it would be a great idea to contribute to the 7 Grandfather Teachings and write nice things about each other.  This positive information will be inserted into their journals as a reminder of how awesome they are!  We also enjoyed a great hike around the property  finding wild grapes (the kids did not like the sour ones), hornets nests, hand sized frogs and discovered a fish in  the river which they caught and released.

We focused on our land and what it provides for us.   The students created a map about what they think our grounds look like and came up with many designs and creations.  They even created their own names for their spots such as “The Village,” Frog Town and Playground.  We hiked to the back of our property and they spent some time creating dreamcatchers.  The kids weren’t even scared of the Spider Woman legend!  We then spent time telling stories around the campfire about bears.

Throughout the day we focused on the 7 Grandfather Teachings – which also represent our sticker system – ask them about it! Our students strive for these morals and values for every class and try to bring them into their everyday life.

  • Love – Eagle
  • Honesty – Jenu
  • Respect – Buffalo
  • Truth – Turtle
  • Courage – Bear
  • Wisdom – Beaver
  • Humility – Wolf

Our last goal  was to visit  the Farmers Pantry to visit local animals  – goats, chickens, donkeys, ducks, lambs, and very large bunnies. They all picked grass and hay and got right in there to help feed the animals.   We also went to pick fresh locally grown Macintosh apples. The kids ate more apples than they could pick while some students pretended they were lost and had to climb to the top of the trees to find their way out!

We did! Phew.

A shout out to one of our students that brought in a very special fossil he found while on a hike.   After a couple fun guesses of what type of foot print it was – velociraptor or baby T-rex, we came to the conclusion it was some form of bird.  We are still trying to figure it out!  We also gave away a NEW bead this week – The storytelling bead. Thanks Jack for bringing in your foot fossil!

Next Week:

FIELD TRIP: We are focusing on water week! Please bring extra clothes and a towel just incase, because we will be canoeing down the Beaver River in the afternoon! Pick up time will be as usual.

What we will be providing: Boats, life jackets, and paddles. If your student had their own PFD please feel free to bring it along.

See you next week!



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