If we leave no trace, no one will know we were here!

Hello all!

Thank you for checking in this week, for another amazing forest school day!  We first started by welcoming 2 NEW students with open arms  and curiosity about our grounds and play areas.

We started our day, just like every day with a smudging ceremony followed by free play and check ins about our week. We then jumped into a fun game called “The Lorax” created by local students from Collingwood’s Forest School. After we were done with our game, we got comfortable in our greenhouse and read the amazing story “The Giving Tree”. Our students then had a discussion about how the story made them feel and what they thought the meaning of the book was.

After our snack we dove right into our Leave No Trace principles. Our students learned all about the 7 Principles and have become very interactive about discussions and activities that tied it all together.  They learned what it takes to plan a trip and how much you need to take with you.  Also, how to respect our wildlife with given examples of how they would achieve certain goals.  As well as campfire rules and how to be respectful to other people who are trying to enjoy nature as well.

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Stick to the Trails
  3. Dispose your waste (Trash and Poop)
  4. Leave what you find
  5. Minimize campfire impacts
  6. Respect Wildlife
  7. Be considerate of others

After lunch our students continued on our 7 principles, and then proceeded to catch frogs (now learning about LNT the frogs were set free back into their homes), slugs, and built forts. There was an abundance of communication, teamwork, leaders, questions, concentration, self-confidence, and motivation. We also learned 3 legends.

  1. Coyote takes water from the Frogs
  2. How the deer got his horns
  3. Coyote and Skunk

Our awesome day came to end with students receiving our FIRST of many beads. This was a huge deal for our students that worked so hard for them! We gave away the “N” bead for Leave NO Trace, along with stickers for our students that ranged from Respect, Bravery, Wisdom, Love and Humility.

Thank you for checking in this week. Next week we are going to dive into the 7 Grandfather Teachings, Native art, and we get to pick our power animals!

Thanks for stopping in!


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