Having a Blast on the Beaver River!

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Hello again! Today was a day was full of discovery, learning new skills, team building exercises and an abundance of wildlife to see.  This included; birds, turtles, fish, crayfish, beavers, frogs, cows and Canadian Geese. We were pleased to welcome our Collingwood Forest School for the paddling day as they were going to join us. Our adventure started just outside Epping where we headed out to a location called Flower

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Our Fall Harvest!

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Hey Folks, With the autumn looming this week we celebrated our “Fall Harvest” at Forest School.  The whole day revolved around harvesting food, working as a community and sharing a meal together. We searched the property and to our pleasant surprise were able to not only uncover a few awesome pear trees, but also some apple trees scattered throughout the forest.  Preserving was the word of the day so we

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7 Grandfather Teachings

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Hello again! Thanks for checking in this week!  With Summer put to bed and Fall around the corner our students focused on our First Nations 7 Grandfather Teachings, the Medicine Wheel and spent time in nature discovering their artistic side. As always the students started the day off with free play/discovery and a First Nation Smudging Ceremony.  One student wanted to pass around the smoking sage to all his fellow

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A cathole? You’ve got to be kidding.

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Hey Folks! We had a busy day learning all about Leave No Trace (LNT) principles for low impact visits to natural areas. Let’s go through all 7 together: Plan ahead Also known as “know before you go” students had the opportunity to get organized and pack a backpack with all the necessities needed for a one night camping trip.  One at time they presented their chosen item to bring and

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If we leave no trace, no one will know we were here!

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Hello all! Thank you for checking in this week, for another amazing forest school day!  We first started by welcoming 2 NEW students with open arms  and curiosity about our grounds and play areas. We started our day, just like every day with a smudging ceremony followed by free play and check ins about our week. We then jumped into a fun game called “The Lorax” created by local students

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On your mark, get set, go!

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Hello all! What an amazing first day for Thornbury Forest School! A huge welcome to all our new students at this beautiful location! Within this blog I will be writing each week about our group and self discovery, our field trips, adventures, and daily activities. I am very excited mentor our students at the Heathcote branch, and to assist our students in self discovery within nature! Check out our pictures

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And we’re off!

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Hey Folks! A big welcome to all our new students this year and a big welcome back to all our Forest School returners!  Every week, we’ll be posting a summary and photos here of all the adventures our Snowy Owls and Painted Turtles get up to.   It is our hope to try and capture all those moments of exploration, learning and good old fashioned fun on here to share

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