Learning Blocks and Compasses

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Hey Folks, Another fun-filled week of productive play and learning at Forest School, with a special contribution from Collingwood’s Healthy Kids Community Challenge who brought us their mobile Imagination Playground. We spent a solid portion of our day working collaboratively using the block-based system to build, smash and recreate various castles, towers, bird’s eye views of small villages, buildings, cars, waterfalls – you name it! Your children unleashed their creativity

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Art Attack!

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Hey Folks! At Forest School, we develop a lot of skills: physical and emotional intelligence, ecological literacy, and much more.  In more traditional school terms, we’ve had a heavy focus on Science, Physical Education, and English, with some Art and even Math included in there.  Usually, we pick a topic and focus our lessons around it.  This week we decided to focus on a subject rather than topic, Art, and

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Water, water everywhere

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Hey Folks, What a couple of beautiful sunny days we had at Forest School.  Our focus this week was learning about water, the water cycle and some creatures that call water home. We started off the day “becoming” frogs with a visualization  (turned into acting out) activity to set the tone.  After an inevitable frog hunt, we got down to business.  Our first activity was to build a zip lock

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Rock and Roll

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Hey Folks! Our Forest School day this week was spent on our first all day outing.  Early in the morning, we loaded up the van and headed out to Metcalfe Rock, in the Kolapore Uplands.  This beautiful area in our own backyard runs along the Bruce Trail and smack dab in the middle of the Niagara Escarpment. Our main purpose today: Caving. Students geared up in harnesses, buckled up their

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