The crows seemed to be calling his name, thought Caw

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Hey Everyone, We dove into birds this week and were fortunate enough to identify over a dozen different species.  With robins, red wing blackbirds, cedar wax wings, so many waterfowl, and (our personal favourite) some killdeer to name a few, we had such an abundance of birds to ID and observe. We even saw a Red Tailed Hawk! We explored a new forest area in search of pine cones (now

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The fire within (or “you had me at pancakes”)

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Hey Folks, happy Spring!  And what a difference between Wednesday’s weather and Thursday freezing rain! We learned all about fire this week, and are on our way to earning our fire bead.  First off, a trip to the local fire station where students got to explore the station, engines, and learn about protective equipment and fire safety.  Since we’ll be having lots of fires at Forest School, the students came

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Here Fishy, Fishy

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Hey Folks! March Break didn’t stop us from going to school.  This week, we welcomed brand new students to our school and now offer a Wednesday program in addition to Thursday! As an emergent-learning and student-centered program, both days unfolded in similar yet unique ways. The Red Tailed Hawks and Snowy Owls were quite adventurous this week.  After our regular check-ins and smudging ceremony, we spent some time learning about

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A sweet, sweet day

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Hey Folks, Looks like Spring snuck up on us as we went from waist deep snowshoeing to jumping through mud and puddles in just days! After our smudge ceremony and a check-in, the groups took full advantage of the warm weather and were off to the far corner of our map to visit the Sugar Shack.  It took us awhile to get there – burrows to discover; hornets nests to

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Building Community, One (snowshoe) step at a time

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Hey Folks! Our Snowy Owls and Red Tailed Hawks weren’t dissuaded by the cold temperatures this morning. They (quite literally) jumped right into the snowy day. Upon arrival, we strapped on our snowshoes and off we went. After a quick hike, we paused for a smudging ceremony. We burned sage in an abalone shell and bathed ourselves in the smoke. This ceremony is used to “get rid of the bad

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So… who are your teachers, anyway?

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Kim: Growing up in Collingwood, it’s no wonder that I have always had a heart for playing outside and exploring new spaces. I graduated from Brock University’s Health and Physical Education Program, where I learned the significance of play-based learning and got a real taste of how to create and adapt programs to keep everyone engaged. Keen to continue exploring and learning, I further completed a Bachelor of Education in

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