Our Fall Harvest!

Hey Folks,

With the autumn looming this week we celebrated our “Fall Harvest” at Forest School.  The whole day revolved around harvesting food, working as a community and sharing a meal together.

We searched the property and to our pleasant surprise were able to not only uncover a few awesome pear trees, but also some apple trees scattered throughout the forest.  Preserving was the word of the day so we set to dehydrating the pears we picked from the tree to make ourselves some chewy fruit snacks.  This was a big hit among students!

During an exploratory hike around the property, the Snowy Owls (with the help of some keen Painted Turtles), were able to fill a bag of apples – and discover sour wild grapes, red clover, Queen Anne’s Lace [wild carrot], and a patch of strawberries for the spring too!   Even through hardship (a journey through the newly named “prickly” mountain – full of thistles!) we trekked on and were later rewarded with 100% pure, local apple sauce prepared with love over the fire.  All the students were able to bring a jar home, so be sure to try it!

Our final project today was to create “Stone Soup” over the fire.  We would like to send out a big thanks to all students who brought in some home grown (or neighbour/grandparent grown!) veggies.  Our veggies included kale, cucumber, tomatoes (from our School Garden from last year!), garlic, potatoes, onions and much more.  The soup was a HUGE success and one of the tastier ones we’ve ever had.  All students had a hand in the prep work and the cooking and therefore all earned their Cooking Beads! Congratulations.

In addition to the food, our day focused on the 7 Grandfather Teachings.  Using legends and discussions, students learned about Love, Truth, Honesty, Humility, Respect, Wisdom and Bravery.  They made connections in their own lives and at Forest School (in fact our whole sticker system is based on these Teachings).  Furthermore, students spent a good amount of time in their sit spots, balancing on our slackline, and working together to build a brand new fire pit area (as our old one was invaded by poison ivy)!  We even had time to set up our own seed library for use next year.  What a busy and productive day!

Congrats to our first ever “Teaching Bead” recipient for an awesome lesson in making origami. And a big welcome to our two new (but returning) students!

Next Week:

FIELD TRIP!  We are going to be paddling next week and have a water focused theme.  Please send along a bathing suit for your children so they can enjoy the water.  Boats, paddles,  and life jackets will be provided but if you have your own PFD feel free to bring it.  Drop -off and pick-up will be as usual at Bygone Days!

Have a great week!

Kim and Matt

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