Welcome to Free Spirit Forest and Nature School!


Chickadees (Ages 4-5: TUESDAYS)
Painted Turtles (Ages 6-7: WED, THURS or FRI)
Snowy Owls (Ages 8-11: MON, WED, THURS, or FRI)

What is Forest and Nature School?

Free Spirit Forest and Nature School (FNS) provides children with regular and repeated access to a natural space, with a largely emergent, student-led and play-based curriculum. At FNS, children are understood as competent learners that help forge their own program. Children spend the majority of the day immersed in various outdoor settings where learning is unhurried and they are given time and space for independent reflection, collaborative creation and risky play. They enjoy the freedom to explore, build, play and engage with one another. For more information click here.


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Nov 25th
Due to demand we’ve opened up a Snowy Owl program on Mondays – register today!

Oct 11th
FNS trial day for new students! Monday, Nov 13th – click here to register!

Oct 10th
We have a few mid-semester sign-ups available Tues, Wed, Thurs or Fri! Register or contact us for more information!

Oct 2nd
Winter registration is OPEN! Register now to get your preferred day!

“Let Nature be your teacher.” – William Wordsworth